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Zinc plated Set screw Shaft Collar Shaft locking Mounting Collar

The shaft collar is a simple, but important, machine component found in many power transmission applications. The collars are used as mechanical stops, locating components, and bearing faces.

    Zinc plated Set screw Shaft Collar Shaft locking Mounting Collar


    The shaft collar is a simple, but important, machine component found in many power transmission applications. The collars are used as mechanical stops, locating components, and bearing faces.

    The main purpose of shaft collars in industry is to fix the position of bushings or bearings in mechanical equipment. They are often used to ensure that bushings or bearings do not move or fall off during operation, thereby maintaining equipment stability and reliability. Typically made of metal and it can expand and clamp the bushing or bearing during installation, ensuring it stays in the correct position. This design makes shaft collar a common key component in industrial equipment, used in various mechanical equipment, such as automobiles, wind turbines, industrial machinery, etc.


    There are some things to consider when using sleeve collars:

    Correct installation: Make sure to select a shaft collar suitable for the shaft diameter and hole diameter, and install it correctly on the shaft of the equipment. Installation should follow the guidelines and regulations provided by the manufacturer.

    Do not overstretch: Avoid overstretching the shaft collar as this may cause it to lose elasticity, thus affecting its fixing effect.

    Consider environmental factors: When selecting a shaft collar, you need to consider the environment in which the equipment is located, such as temperature, humidity, chemicals, etc., to ensure that the shaft collar material can withstand these environmental conditions.

    Regular inspection: Regularly check the condition of the shaft collar to ensure that it is not damaged or worn, and whether it needs to be replaced or adjusted.

    Use proper tools: When installing or replacing shaft collars, use proper tools and techniques to avoid damage to the sleeve or bearing.

    In general, the correct selection, installation and maintenance of collars are key steps to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment.


    1. Material: Stainless Steel/ Alloy Steel/ Nylon/Aluminium with anodized color 


    2. Type:


        Set Screw with Shaft Collar 


        Single Split Shaft Collar 


        Double Split Shaft Collar 


        Threaded Shaft Collar 


    3.  Surface treatment:

    Steel - Plain finish

    Steel - Black Oxide finish

    Steel - Zinc Plated finish

    Stainless Steel

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